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Php on windows 7 64 bit iso

First, where I got the software:.
Note that windows the zip distributions of these applications were used in my windows installations1.
It seems very confusing, I already spend two days working on this and no result.
I already made Redis up and running on my Ubuntu.04 server with windows phpredis client.Title: Apache and php on Windows 7 64-bit link: author: lembobro description: post_id: 3809 created: 2012/12/18 05:09:06 created_gmt: 2012/12/18 09:09:06 comment_status: closed post_name: status: publish post_type: post.So my question is, how can I make that phpredis work on windows?How I installed and configured Apache.2 and php.3 on Windows 7, below.I also have windows downloaded two.dll files, one with 'ts' and another with 'nts have no idea what is the difference m/install-phpredis/ there is manual how to install phpredis, but it works only on ubuntu for.Even when installing to custom paths, windows multiple errors while trying to load the php5_module into Apache also indicated some fundamental incompatibility even between distros from the same packager.Maybe I got lucky this time.Here are the 64 bit binaries of PHP.3.8 that many of you have been waiting for.All packages defaulted to installing in the "c:program files or "c:program files(x86 heirarchy and ran afoul of Windows 7's draconian security policies restricting changes to files stored there.Out of the box it is configured to live in c:apache2, but you can locate it anywhere you want and just do a search and replace for that path (I put mine in C:appsapacheapache2).Copyright Phil Lembo, copyright Phil Lembo.This is from a solo build windows program.APC, dbase, eAccelerator, geoip, http, memcache, mongo, printer, ssh2 and win32service.Anyway, here are the downloads.Download, vC9 x64 Thread windows Safe, cRC32: 85024CA5, mD5: D415E2741eedab124C3A630, sHA1: vC9 x64 Non Thread Safe cRC32: D5647FA3. I'm trying to make Redis work on my windows machine for development purposes.

I'm very newbie for windows a command line and duty I'm not sure if this even suppose to work on windows, like with cmd or git bash.Installing PHP.3 and Apache http Server on Windows 7 are very good and got gameplay me started on the right foot, although it assumes the 32-bit versions are good enough and missed a couple of points.I have cloned gameplay source files with Git, but i did that using Git Bash, but that was last command who worked in the same way as ubuntu.When installing httpd as a service be manuale sure to open the command prompt by right-clicking and selecting windows "Run as Administrator".Php.3.13 for patch Windows x86_64. Lesson learned: statically linked binaries for ports of Unix software to Windows are usually more reliable than installer-based windows dynamically linked ones (I have also found this to be true of ports of Windows software to Unix - for example, Skype on Linux).
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