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Your heart rate will appear in max.The stopwatch and the exercise recording start.Up move onward increase the selected value Down move backward reduce the selected value.How to stop measuring your heart rate.Covers_S810_GBR_A.fh8 8/3/01 14:06 Page 1, ownIndex to reliably predict your.Quick Guide, signal/Light, stop exit the displayed mode return to the, time of day display.Wear the wrist receiver on your wrist.Press the stop button again.
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The receiver returns to the Time of day display.Press the stop button.Press and hold the OK button to start the measurement.Place the transmitter around your chest and wet its electrodes.Heart rate measurement continues but exercise data is not recorded into a file anymore.The stopwatch and other calculations stop.C M, y CM, mY, cY CMY, k, u '.S810 Heart Rate Monitor pdf manual download.# There is notably a 21 bits limit for the UID and the GID.# Specify filename containing input files.# Whether or not to build static libraries.
# Transform the output of nm in a C name address pair when lib prefix is needed.
# Whether or not to disallow shared libs when runtime libs are static.

# hostname on some systems (SVR3.2, old GNU/Linux) returns a bogus exit status, # so uname gets run too.
# ac_default_prefix/usr/local ac_clean_files ac_config_libobj_dir.