Version 6 is only compatible with our second generation diagnostic interface cables.
Version.4.1 May 31st 2006 Improvement Ported improvements made to DME protocol over to ABS, Heating, and Tiptronic Version.4 May 29th 2006 Bug Fixes Corrected 993 walk trhrough a crack in time protocol problems, affecting "M14" firmware version of 993 Version.3.1 May 20th 2006 Bug Fixes Corrected Cayenne airbag.Most likely to affect communication trouble on 2005 Cayennes.Version July 2, 2015 Changes in this version: Correction to fault clearing on late 996 tiptronic units.Version.2.0 Oct 2nd 2007 New Feature OBD Ready status for Motronic.2 on 993 and 993 Turbo 997 Turbo Motronic.8.1 Read and Clear fault codes New package available as a zipped file with framework included can be downloaded here Version.1.3 July.Please contact technical support if you experience any issues with version.Service Reset on the Cayenne is moved from under "Activations" to under "Commands" on the instrument cluster which now standardizes this option across all models.Click here to install version.Added coverage for many new control modules.Version, july 25, 2018, changes in this version: Fixes 9x1 issue with software hang-up during Short Test and Erase All Faults.
USB Interface Adapter, comparison with OBD2, used Car Analysis.
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In some cases a module may have fault codes that do not require action.Additional Support Added individual support for the 993 airbag units. 2 (word.30KB) 3 14 7 8 h21.3.19PDF, h17.2.7PDF.Version Sept, 2015 Changes in this version: Cable firmware update included.System / Short tests on engine modules.Version April 9, 2015 Changes in this version: Various minor changes Version Jan 30, 2015 Changes in this version: Addition of support for 2014 Porsche Macan Version Sept 10, 2014 Changes in this version: Fix for 997TT engine Actual Values display Provides the ability.Cable firmware update to correct Actual Values protocol handling on newer models.If firmware update is interrupted, firmware will now re-load at next program start.Logging was taking too much computer resources on laptops with slower hard drives.Other languages can be selected by clicking "Durametric Information/Config" in the lower left corner If your default language is not available the software will default to English Features Added Added Airbag for Cayenne Added PSM for Cayenne Added Kessy for Cayenne Added Air Conditioning for.
This affects a small subset of cables.
Software can now startup and run without the cable plugged in (demo mode) Universal DME Identification no longer need to select version of motronic Universal ABS/PSM identification no longer need to select verion of ABS New Control module support pdas Carrera 4 AWD/ABS system Read.

This is a feature not supported by the factory tool Bug Fixes Correct transmission serial number from displaying incorrectly on some cars.