Sv_portal_placement_never_fail # - (1 or 0) Place portals anywhere sv_cheats 1 - (0off/1on) Turns cheats on or off god - Invincibility noclip - Lets you go through walls and fly around sv_gravity # - (600normal) change the gravity in game buddha - Player can take.
Player profile reflects how much time you spent in the game, how many ships you destroyed, how many victories achieved and more.Developer Tools (1 communications (1 internet Software (1 productivity Software (1).Thirdperson - Changes view to third person firstperson - Changes view to first person impulse 101 - Get all weapons (Half Life sony psp driver software update 2 weapons also) ent_create_portal_metal_sphere - Bouncy metal ball npc_create npc_breen - The man breen npc_create npc_zombie - Zombie OMG (They attack citizens, turrets,and.With blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft and the Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft series, the company has enjoyed back-to-back number-one selling games, as well as consecutive Game of the Year awards.Narrow Results, by Price.The player achievement screen has been transferred to a special interface - the Player Profile.

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Upgrade with upgrade_portalgun npc_create npc_headcrab - Spawn (live) Headcrab npc_create npc_gman - Spawn Gman with suitcase and never dies npc_create npc_barnacle - Spawn Barnacle npc_create npc_combine_s - Spawn Combine Soldier npc_create npc_alyx - Spawn alyx npc_create npc_metropolice - Spawn Metropoliceman npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor - Spawns.Cheat codes: upgrade_portalgun - Used w/o portal gun - gives a portal gun Used with a basic portal gun - gives full portal gun.Total Downloads 494,330, last Week 494, total Downloads 1,308,561, last Week 353, total Downloads 77,715, last Week 180, total Downloads 161,167.The company's free online game service, t, is the largest in the world with millions of active users.Fire_rocket_projectile - Fires a rocket out of your face.Fire_energy_ball - Fires an energy ball out of your face.Npc_create npc_poisonzombie - Spawns a zombie that tosses Poison Headcrabs from it's back.The tips also reflect all development opportunities and prospects for the future improvement of the ship!

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