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Pt cruiser manual coolant

pt cruiser manual coolant

THE engine IS AT operating temperature.
Do not mix coolant cruiser types. .
PT, fluid types (Continued warning: antifreeze IS AN ethylene glycol.
Engine coolant temp sensor description The engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor threads into the rear of the cylinder head, below the thermostat housing (Fig. .The coolant recovery/reserve system provides a quick visual method for determining the coolant level without removing the radiator cap. .Standard procedure standard procedure - coolant service For engine coolant recommended service schedule, (Refer to coolant lubrication maintenance/main- tenance schedules cruiser - description).Use only a 50/50 concentration of the recommended ethylene glycol type antifreeze and distilled water. .Various "special" additives and supplements exist that claim to improve shift feel and/or quality.The ECT coolant sensor provides input for various PCM operations. .These additives and others also claim to improve converter clutch operation cruiser and inhibit overheating, oxidation, varnish, and sludge.The heat output then drops to the normal high-temperature level.10 Overflow Hose Routing 1 - radiator neck 2 - overflow hose 7 - 20 engine -.6L sohc PT coolant recovery container (Continued) (3) Detach coolant power cord plug from heater.Installation (1) Install coolant recovery container and tighten fasteners to 4 coolant Nm (35 in. .9 3, understanding THE features OF your vehicle. Location OF collection center IN your.

Operation on the low setting also turns off automatically after about 30 minutes of continuous operation.9 Coolant Recovery Container 1 - NUT 2 - coolant recovery container 3 - screw 4 - vent hose games 5 - overflow hose 6 - clip Fig. .(3) Disconnect overflow hose at games radiator neck (Fig.The use of premium 0 -.(4) Fill coolant recovery container to proper level.The spring type hose clamp applies constant ten- sion on a hose connection. .When additional coolant is needed, it should be added to the coolant recovery container. .(Refer to lubrication maintenance/fluid types - description).Exceptions to this policy are the use of special dyes to aid in detecting fluid patcher leaks.The heating element immersed in coolant (Fig. .The cooling system is designed around empoisonn the coolant.Some coolant manufactures use other types of gly- arena cols into their coolant formulations. .Mopar ATF4 (Automatic Transmission patcher beaut Fluid- Type 9602) when new is red in color.Note: All transaxles have a common transmission and differential sump.Caution: The power cord must be secured in its retainer clips, and not positioned so it could con- tact linkages or exhaust manifolds and become damaged. (2) Raise vehicle on hoist.

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Push and hold the buttons shown in the picture to fold pt cruiser manual coolant down either or both seatbacks.