A single blazing volley from the rotary weapon can stitch a pattern of death hackintosh can't mountain lion across the foes battle lines, causing charges to falter and fail or destroying entire attack columns of light vehicles.
Later equipped on what else?
Assault Cannons are primarily used by Space Marines as anti-infantry weaponry on Terminators, Dreadnoughts, and various other vehicles and aircraft.This means that while the Lasguns are far and away the common infantry gun, the vast selection of different ammunition makes the Autogun a kind of highly-flexible tactical weapon.Interestingly enough, the Punisher Rotary Cannon was the main armament of the once common Cerberus Pattern Main Battle Tank, but the discovery of a Neutron Laser Projector and the general stupidity of placing a anti-infantry weapon on a fixed-hull mounted vehicle meant that it was.Nevertheless, having a fast firing Quake Cannon is a boon to any forces as now you have a very quick way to whither down the Void Shields of enemy Titans in a quick and efficient manner rather than risking the time reloading.This thing is a very versatile form of Dakka and it can mow down both infantry, aircraft and vehicles alike.Goto Heart of Rage by James Swallow At Gaius Point by Aaron Dembski-Bowden Blood Debt by James Swallow Fear The Alien edited by Christian Dunn (September 2010) The Space Marine Script Book edited by Christian Dunn (collects audio drama scripts) (December 2012) Lords and Tyrants.
Chaos Variants edit Reaper Autocannon edit Reaper Autocannon There is the regular Autocannon and then there is the Reaper variant, which only the Chaos Space Marines get because Assault Cannons were discovered after the Horus Heresy, and everybody Imperial promptly thought they were cooler than.
The weapon is mounted upon the Brass Scorpion's tail, giving the weapon a full 360 degree arc of fire, making it perfectly suited to unleash rapidly fired torrents of ballistic projectiles upon enemy infantry at close range.

Hunter: Hunter shells are very rare tank rounds which can be fired by a battle cannon or Conqueror cannon.It hits at S7AP-1 and is a Heavy 2 weapon that deals D2, making it statistically better than the Heavy Bolter against everything except Toughness 4 and less models.Uzi Autopistol) which is frequently used by Chaos heretics (and on occasion, traitor guardsmen) and cultists who don't particularly care about accuracy or expenses and wish to be able to make noise and cause death at a close distance (the former is done better.Traditionally, they were thrown into the midst of massive fleet engagements, soaking up enemy fire while racing into the middle of enemy formations, then crushing their opponents at short range with tetrajoules of energy from their oversized broadsides.Also included in the book n 37 The Long Night by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (January 2015).About fifty or so of the land-based Macrocannons would equate to one ship-mounted Macrocannon, or one point of firepower in Battlefleet Gothic.For each item you can modify the given info, add notes, attach files and screenshots, as well as external web links.By Guy Haley (audio drama) (October 2018) path OF THE eldar edit Authored by Gav Thorpe Path of the Warrior (July 2010) Path of the Seer (September 2011) Path of the Outcast (September 2012) phoenix lords edit Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan by Gav Thorpe (novel).While pretty heavy.2 kg /.6 lbs (with loaded magazine this gun fires powerful (but having somewhat heavy recoil).25mm rounds, accelerated to muzzle velocities of 825 meters per second while traveling through the autogun's 540mm (21.25 inch) long barrel.Also included in the book n 42 Meduson: Ultimate Edition by "various artists" (anthology, limited edition) (May 2016).As such, it is another weapon exclusive to the Primaris Marines.
And seeing how this Titan gained prominence during the Horus Heresy when Emperor Battle Titans were common enough to be thrown left and right like normal battle tanks, the nature of this weapon makes a whole load of sense.