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Solaris 8 admin manual

During the manual Upgrade If the current layout of the system disks does not provide enough space for the upgrade, manual SunInstall uses the auto-layout feature to reallocate disk space as required.
If disk space needs to be reallocated, you need to copy file systems to a backup medium and then reload them after the space on the system disks has been adjusted.
NDB through.7.27-ndb-7.5.16, respectively.
Listserv Keyword References, listserv.0 List Header Keyword Reference.Collect any configuration manual information you might be prompted for during the upgrade, manual such as hostname, network interface, IP address, subnet mask, and domain name.If none is identified, only the domain specified for the system will be searched.Over-the-Network Installation Typically, a system is installed with the Solaris 8 distribution CD using a local CD-ROM drive.With Web Start, you can also solaris create additional partitions and file systems.Select the appropriate language.(Over-the-network installation is described briefly later in this solaris chapter and in more detail in Chapter 21, "Over-the-Network Installation and JumpStart.If the system configuration information was not preconfigured, you need to supply the correct information when prompted.In the Select Software Localizations window, select software localization based on geographic region.However, planning and occasional manual intervention are necessary for a successful upgrade.The memory and storage requirements for Intel hardware are identical to those for sparc hardware: a minimum of 64MB of memory,.6GB of hard disk space for the End-User System with 32-bit support, and.4GB of hard disk space for the Entire Distribution.The recommended space for the End-User System.6GB of hard disk space.This is the recommended method for sparc installations.SunInstall, an interactive Open Windows installation program, can be used manual to install the Solaris 8 software but it does not support installation of copackaged software.By default, all Solaris and copackaged software is installed; however, this default can be changed so that you can select specific software. The file must conform to a defined format (keywords and syntax).
Listserv.0 for Windows Installation Manual.

Check the file to determine any configuration problems that need to be reviewed and wallhack possibly modified before the system can gateway be rebooted.After Web Start scans the Kiosk download directory webstart/kiosk/download the Select Products window is displayed; it lists the software products found in the download directory.Check the documentation provided with the applications.For sparc platforms, the Web Start GUI starts automatically after the system boots.For Intel-compatible systems, the Device Configuration Assistant runs to identify the hardware configuration.For legal information, including licensing information, see the.Caution SunInstall and Custom JumpStart wallhack (see Chapter crack 21) can be used wallhack to upgrade a gateway system.Hardware Requirements, solaris 8 can be installed on Sun sparc platforms and Intel x86 or compatible platforms.The other two methods are automatic: JumpStart and Custom JumpStart.However, you torrent might need to upgrade the Flash prom wallhack on some Ultrasparc sun4u platforms to provide 64-bit support. Click OK after inserting a product CD-ROM.