If your mark resembles another mark too closely in sound, appearance, or meaning, we will issue you a likelihood-of-confusion refusal.
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Play Video, scale sourcing for technical talent with coding assessments.Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (tsdr).After we review your application and assign design search codes (if any we will send your application to an examining attorney.Recruiter, weve used CodeSignal to filter for diverse, high quality candidates.A complete list of the uspto design codes, along with additional information on conducting searches for design elements, can be found in the uspto.Nederlands (Dutch) (Greek latinum (Latin svenska (Swedish dansk (Danish suomi (Finnish) (Persian) (Yiddish) (Armenian).Had it not been for CodeSignals assessment, these amazing engineers wouldve been overlooked.We truly appreciate your support.Your email should include your name, your application serial number, a list of the design search codes you would like to add or remove from your file, and a brief justification for your request.Additional information, get basic information on searching on the usptos Trademark Information Network (tmin) video number 3 Searching. It is important that you accurately and completely describe all design elements of your mark.Türkçe (Turkish) (Telugu) (Thai ting Vit (Vietnamese) etina (Czech polski (Polish bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian românete (Romanian).A complete assessment suite for your entire candidate pipeline.
Your examining attorney may add or delete design search codes if he or she determines that doing it will more accurately account for the all the design elements in your mark.

Conducting a Trademark Search page and the, tESS Help Menu.A design search code is a six-digit number that helps the public and examining attorneys search the uspto database for marks with similar designs. .You will not be notified when your request is processed.A design element can be any component of your mark that is not a word, such as a depiction of a star or flower.Links to additional uspto webpages featuring information on conducting searches and design coding are at the end of this page.How popular is, dSCM among other acronyms?Live Interviewing, conduct remote or on-site live interviews using CodeSignals pair programming solution with high definition video and audio via CodeSignals advanced IDE environment.To focus the search, we assign a numerical design search code to each design element of your mark when we receive your application.Sign Up Free, watch video, certify, Test, and, interview, all on, one Platform, utilize our industry standard assessments to make data-driven hiring decisions.Why does the uspto use design search codes?you may search the uspto database of trademarks free of charge.Design Search Code Manual.Bob Cowherd, head of Hiring Growth, we used CodeSignal to flip fbii xl4600sm user's manual recruiting on its head and moved the raw talent test to the first step in the recruiting process, allowing us to focus on the best talent first.Searching for marks with the design code.03.01 would retrieve all federal trademark applications and registrations containing images of elephants, even if the mark included other design elements, such as the house in the mark shown below.We will process your request within two business days.Play Video, top coding score sets bar for fast-growing mobile app platform.
For example, a search for a mark with both an elephant (03.03.01) and a blanket (09.01.07) would retrieve the following design: Additional information about design search codes and a complete list of the uspto design codes are available in the.
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After your application is sent to an examining attorney, you must work directly with him or her to process any further requests to add or delete search codes.