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World in conflict 1.007 no cd

world in conflict 1.007 no cd

Other: - A console world command for scaling time in replays and single player has been added.
Repair Tank Emergency Repair special ability recharge time increased.
BUT hope this help alot OF PPL!Visual world change: Changed the world special ability effect on US/nato Medium Artillery to a larger WP cloud, lingering flames and slight terrain deformation.Added text and sound warnings conflict when doing damage to teammates.nato Air-to-Air conflict Strike has a changed animation of the airplane and is now identical to US and ussr.First of all, The MAP itself have a bug or it needs the most memory to run (Map is dome).First let me tell you that if you get the WIC bundle.Heavy Attack Helicopter fire range and special ability fire range decreased.Auto-kick of idle players has been improved and turned on by default.Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle turret rotation speed doubled.Massgate: - Guestbook, motto and web-link has been added to player profile.Movement speed for Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle and Repair Tank was reduced slightly. The view range for Airborne Infantry has been decreased.
Bridge on do_Hometown could stop working after being repaired several times - Fixed a bug where the results of a clan match conflict could be reported for the wrong clan - Fixed a bug where the wrong number of players online were shown conflict on the Clan.
Clan leaders and officers are now be able to send Mass-IM's to their clan mates.

Bug malek fixes: - Targeting bug for Heavy Helicopters has been fixed.Added progress information to the server crack list refresh.Crash after loading screen OF first campaign: I had this problem piano from the start!Medium Anti-Air Vehicle accuracy increased significantly.The recharge time for all Airdropped Unit Tactical Aid has been increased.It should now randomize when malek the teams are even instead sleeping of always picking team.Here are the steps best to fix.Added a option to disable Mood Changes crack (Enabled by checking a box in Game Options).Fixed exploit where holding down ALT on buildings out of Line Of Sight would show Line Of Fire if it housed infantry. Decreased time Airdropped Transport and Airdropped Light Tank animations are visible for opponents.
Install WIC This will converter automatically install both WIC and Soviet Assault.