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Yaesu vx 1 mods

yaesu vx 1 mods

But now its much better.
Andrew This modification yaesu is read 11336 times.All "out yaesu of band" frequencies yaesu must be tuned via the PS method.Turn radio back.Holding the M/V key and yaesu AR, apply power (this is the hard reset to the radio).That's mods a little annoying in my book. Brands: Categories: Usually answered in minutes!
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First, put the diskpatch piece of protective plastic back on the display, or take a 3M Post-It Note (tm and sony expansion stick it suzuki to the display.Add this document to collection(s you can add this document to your study collection(s).ARS (Automatic Repeater Shift) will still work, so if you tune a 440MHz frequency under the PS mode in repair V-HAM, it'll still automatically set the offset to 5 MHz if you have ARS turned.This counter shows the number of hits since the 9th February 2000 Copyright The Defpom /.Itve taken what I've found on the net, and expanded on it slightly, after perfomning the mod to my radio.Using the same tuning technique as in step 13, tune to 998.000 MHz, and store it into PS memory.Note that after perfonning the mod, ARS (Autumatic Repeater Offset) will nut functiun (whether it's turned on or not and you will lose any stored service memuries and preferences.Press and hold FW, select 10L with the dial, and store the memory.VX-1R Cell and expanded TX RX Mod.This is the basic VX-IR mod.Release the 2nd tab and tht's about halfway up the inside of the battery suzuki compartment Being very careful, separate the 2 halves the radio.1 had a slight amount of difficulty getting the right side of the case aligned, so you may have to work at it sligtly.It will cycle through different patterns on the LCD display. Note: Pressing band will kick the radio out of PS mode, and you'll have to repeat starting at step.
Turn dial one notch to remove radio from Memory mode and into PS mode.
Essentially, we move a chunk of the low end of the band into the V-HAM area, and a chunk of the high end into the same area.